Sanitisation and Fogging: COVID-19

There are two services to be offered. The first is a sanitisation clean whilst the second is a chemical fogging service.

The sterilization cleans are being used by our clients as a preventative service, or where it is thought that someone may have come into contact with a carrier. This clean includes wiping down all surfaces where body contact may have occurred. This includes desks, phones, keyboards, filing cabinets, breakout areas, door plates, and all areas in washrooms where hands are used.

The second service – chemical fogging – is where the solution is sprayed into the air and can settle as a fine mist across every surface of the site. In this way any virus in the atmosphere is captured and brought to the ground, being killed in the process.

At present, Health England are recommending that Chlorine based cleaning agents are used for these processes. As we all know anything containing sodium chlorine (bleach) has been outlawed from client sites for a long time due to its harmful effects on the user, and the potential to cause damage to the site. It also has the potential to trigger either eczema or asthma for those with existing bronchial problems.

 The cleaning agent that we use was specifically designed to clean the bed clothes in children’s wards as they have a propensity to suck the blankets, hence ingesting the cleaning agent being used. This had the potential to cause medical damage to some children. By using Virusolve this problem was eradicated as it can do no damage to the user, but still kills all known viruses.

We have been using this product for many years and have now got one of our major medical clients to come over to using this instead of the chlorine products they were using.

We are now offering a third service which we are promoting should be used at the conclusion of the C-19 outbreak. For this service we would clean everything from the ceiling down, this time including all carpets/upholstery/vinyl/stone flooring, deep clean of kitchen, and a full deep clean of any washroom areas.

Due to the cost of this service we ate advocating that it is used wisely, hence our suggestion that we carry out this work when the virus is no longer presenting a problem.

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