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Regular Contract Cleaning Of Commercial And Industrial Sites

Regular contract cleaning of commercial and industrial sites.

Quoting for a regular cleaning contract


Regular contract cleaning of commercial and industrial sites.

When quoting/pricing for a regular cleaning contract for a commercial or industrial site, there are many factors that go into calculating a cost for each individual site/customer.

Location, size, requirements

Firstly, the hourly rate can depend on the location of the site. This is due to local competitors having competitive rates. You will also find that the size of the site can influence the cost. Also, every site/customer has different requirements and personal requests. For example, as a customer you may want the cups/glasses collected from the desks and taken to the kitchen, which results in more hours needed to ensure the other cleaning duties are carried out to the expected standard. Another example would be that you require automatic coffee machines to be maintained and refilled, which again requires more hours per working week. Some sites also have different layouts which require more or less hours; for example some sites have glass partitions which need regular cleaning, and some sites have a large amount of hard flooring which needs to be vacuumed, mopped and/or potentially buffed, which would require more hours compared to a site that only has carpeted flooring.

Personal cleaning service

We believe that what makes us unique as a commercial cleaning company and what makes us stand out in this industry is the fact that we very much pride ourselves on giving a personal service to each individual customer and site. For example, you would usually have an idea of what you want to spend on cleaning services which can sometimes not be realistic if you want your site cleaning kept to a high standard, but in turn we then give you options that will potentially save you money in other areas; for example, supplying your hygiene wear at a cheaper rate than what you are currently paying. We also provide you with knowledge and advice about how you can potentially change your consumables and dispensers i.e. use of bins, bin liners, toilet rolls etc. in a way that is more cost effective for your site and the way it is laid out.

As a company, our aim is to provide security, trust and reassurance due to the fact that all of your cleaning and hygiene services can be kept ‘under one roof’, at a competitive rate but with the high quality standard that we guarantee.

Where to find out more

If you have a need to review your commercial cleaning service, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help, or to get a free, no obligation quote. 

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