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Why choose Mainstream Cleaning?

Contract cleaning company

A lot of potential customers can assume that with a larger company they will receive a better service, although this is not the case. Over the years, from customer feedback we have realised that it is common that the customer will lose that personal touch from a larger company, and they find the communication isn’t as strong between company and client; almost like they are ‘pushed aside’.

Quality and reputation driven

We at Mainstream Cleaning are quality and reputation driven, and pride ourselves on giving a personal service to each customer as an individual. We don’t prioritize one customer over another. We treat every customer as equals, whether they require 4 hours cleaning per week or 22 hours cleaning per week, or whether one customer has a Central London office with 150 employees or whether they have a small office in Oxford with 10 employees.

Why choose Mainstream Cleaning? Where to find out more

If you have a need to review your commercial cleaning service, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help, or to get a free, no obligation quote. 

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